My name is Atronoush Bashang, I was born 1975 in Tehran & moved to Germany at the age of 14.

I studied Graphic & communication Design at the Hamburger Technische Kunstschule in Hamburg. After my graduation I started to work as a web designer & developer in different companies like Spirit of Selling or Millemedia, after 6 years I decided to become a freelancer in different fields besides Web developing.

I started working as a Graphic Designer in the area of Outdoor & Print advertising in Tehran & later as the creative director of “Nikonovin”.

In year 2009 after gathering years of experience in the advertising field I decided to turn photography which has been my hobby since the age of 16 into my profession.

Since then I am working as a photographer in the field of people & portrait, kids, fashion, landscape, industrial, event & wedding photography.